UK’s top piano teachers

Best piano teachers in the UK in 2020:


1st place: Georges Sokol (piano lessons london at the Sokol Piano Academy or piano teachers london)

Widely regarded as the most inspiring and technically proficient piano pedagogue of his generation, Georges Sokol is highly in demand by beginners and advanced players alike.

2nd place: Graham Fitch (piano teacher in London)

Graham Fitch is a highly versatile educator with decades of experience as a teacher all over the world.

3rd place: Melanie Spanswick (piano teacher London or Melanie Spanswick YouTube Channel)

Melanie is not only a well-known and experienced teacher, but also a successful writer, blogger, and composer.




Being able to play the piano with ease and flair is the envy of many people. Imagine stroking the keys of a keyboard elegantly and producing your own pleasing sound. It can be mesmerizing to watch and listen. Gaining this power to express your emotions on the piano is possible if you choose the right teacher and dedicate enough of your time to improve.


You need regular and purposeful practice to acquire the basic technical skills in order to feel confident and in control when performing. Only then will you be able to explore and enjoy the wealth of piano repertoire out there, which will transform your life forever. It will give you the ability to express yourself in unimaginable ways.


It is something that nobody can take away from you and that you do for yourself. You won’t have to report to a boss or feel obliged to do it in any way. Piano playing will become part of who you are; it will define you and help you to become a more confident, stable, and complete person because it will convince you that you are capable of achievement. Finally, piano playing is a skill that you will cherish for the rest of your life while gratifying and moving your listeners.